the personal photo diary
[ The sun is in your eyes ]
[ In the artist’s house ]
[ One of the stories of reflection ]
the personal photo diary
[ The sun is in your eyes ]
[ In the artist’s house ]
[ One of the stories of reflection ]
December 2021
This is my friend Masha, we met online. She has lived with her family in a small village not far from Kyiv almost all her life. Mashen’ka has always been a wonderful guide to me. She has helped me understand the world of silence, solitude, nature and of warm family atmosphere.
She never aspired to build her life in a big city - I think, thanks to this, she has kept her purity of soul, innocence and uniqueness. I miss her very much.
July 2020
Once - during an evening summertime of inspiration and creative mood - we started experimenting with light.
July 2020
My Muse
All these photos are taken in my hometown, where I was born and lived until I was 6 years old (Netishyn, Ukraine). To this day I come to this place to visit family and friends.
She is my muse, my companion, and partner in creative expression. Anastasia always understands and supports my ideas and often participates in my photo shoots.
July 2020
I like to show people, alive, in motion.
May 2021
Spirit away
I was dumped by my first love, and I was suffering from obsessive thoughts of the breakup.
I felt like this darkness was consuming my whole head and I couldn't think about anything else. I wanted to run away from pain.
During that period, I started taking more photos, and sublimated all my feelings into this photo shoot, after which, I felt a wee bit better.
August 2020
Goodbye to the kitchen where my grandmother cooked my favourite food.Goodbye to the bathroom, where as a child, I spent hours splashing around with my toys.
Goodbye to the feeling of the only home.
My grandmother's house was sold. I was saying goodbye to home with these pictures.
Goodbye to catching free WI-FI with from the balcony with my tablet, same balcony where I spent hours listening to music or the signing of birds during the day or contemplated the sky during the night.
August 2021
I started to focus more and wanted to take projects more seriously. At some point I completely forgot that it is possible to photograph something for myself without thinking about the result.
For the first time in a long time, I felt a love for the process and a curiosity about ordinary things, that I have not felt in a long time.
February 2022
I didn’t know
At the park, I found a mirror and started playing with different angles, trying to get something undecipherable, something abstract.
I was in Poland. I felt like not checking social media in the morning. Instead, I went for a walk taking my camera with me.
After a couple of hours, I switched on my phone: It was full of messages from family about the news - something terrible had happened - I felt incredibly heavy, anxious and afraid. I dumped all these emotions in the subsequent editing of the photos. Here are the results.